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Immerse yourself in the fascinating museums and history of Grenfell, Caragabal, Quandialla, Bimbi and Greenethorpe learning how the past has shaped the present. Each settlement in the Weddin Mountains Region boasts its own distinct character and has a unique historic story to tell. Locals are keen to share the history of the region with many local bushranger, goldfield and agricultural tales passed down through the generations.

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Bushranging began in the region in the late 1850’s and the notorious Ben Hall was synonymous with the area. Gold was discovered in 1866 and the Grenfell goldfields were the richest in the state around 1867-69. The area also played a starring role in the innovation of the Australian agricultural industry which also forms an integral part of the region’s history. Take a walk down Grenfell's historic main street and railway station or visit the Grenfell Museum and Historical Society. Discover the historic villages, Iandra Castle, Seaton's Farm, the big Gold Pick and Pan and the Chrysler Car Museum.

Don’t miss Henry Lawson's birthplace which is marked with an obelisk standing under a gum tree planted by his daughter along with the many Henry Lawson tributes around Grenfell. A bust of Henry is situated in Main Street where you can listen to some of his most famous poems or sit for a while soaking in the country atmosphere with the statue of Henry on the corner of Main and Forbes Streets.


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