Faces in the Street


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Unlike the weary city faces in Henry Lawson’s famous poem, faces in Grenfell projected optimism, confidence and resilience. Faces in the street is social history built on the stories of the people and businesses of Main Street, in the town where Henry Lawson was born.

Its surveys the lives of 140 of Grenfell’s much loved ‘faces’, and places where they went to work and enjoy themselves in their busy, historic town. Focusing on the 50s, 60s and 70s, it also looks back to early generations-and comes forward to include their descendants in a new century.

The highs and lows they experienced introduce thousands who shared in the town’s rich life. FACES IN THE STREET fills an important gap by recording the business, professional and social life of Main Street during a memorable era. It reveals an emerging Australia, with a future far removed from the bleak outlook Henry confronted in his youthful despair.

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