Weddin Mountains Region


Art is a quite literally a huge part of the attraction of the Weddin Mountains Region from intimate local galleries to the imposing silo artworks and bird murals. The region has a rich artistic history which has evolved into the arts culture that exists today. The beauty of life in the region, the local fauna and the many home-grown stories play a role in the iconic local art.


Showcasing the Weddin Mountains Region

Don’t miss the Caragabal Bird Art, Grenfell Art Gallery, Grenfell Commodities Silos, Patina Gallery Grenfell, or the Wallangreen Sculpture Garden. The region is also a centre for art events - check out what’s coming up here. In the market for some art of your own? Check out our online shop for some amazing pieces.

Blue Sky Gallery

Caragabal Bird Art

Grenfell Art Gallery

Grenfell Commodities Silos

Grenfell Community Curtain

Patina Gallery Grenfell

Practicing Artists Register